Fire Alarms: Inspecting the Unexpected


This session addresses the questions and issues that often occur during inspections, service, sales and take-overs involving fire alarm systems. Discussion will include: When do I add manual pulls or smoke detectors? Why does one building have a different system than another? Do's and don'ts about strobes and mixing new equipment with older SPL and dB measurements, fire safety function interface, and maintaining areas of separation.

Learning Objectives

Discover ways to deal with common items and issues of existing fire alarm systems.

Whitney crahen, set - fire alarm consulting & training services, llc

Code Consultant, perform 3rd Party Reviews on fire alarm and emergency communication systems, provide designs and layouts of fire alarm and emergency communication systems, provide training classes on fire alarm system applications and reviews.

Start Time:  3:30 pm

End Time:  4:30 pm

Number of CPDs:  1.00

Room:  Cliffside B

Track: Fire Alarm

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