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The American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians (ASCET) is the only national, professional society created especially for, and administered by, engineering technicians and technologists in all engineering disciplines. On April 3, 1964, approximately seventy certified engineering technicians representing seventeen states attended an organizational meeting sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). At this meeting, ASCET was formed to pursue the concept of an "engineering team", and other mutual goals of engineering professionals.

With the introduction of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET) and technologist certification programs, ASCET membership was extended to Certified Engineering Technologists as well. In July, 1981, the ASCET Board of Directors voted to allow Regular membership to all engineering technicians and technologists who, although not certified, possess all other Society qualifications. At the request of several Registered Professional Engineers who wished to join, the Registered Member category with full privileges was added in 1991.


We respect your privacy. There is a privacy policy for the American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians (ASCET). [ Read More ]


The American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians provides opportunities for technicians and technologists to magnify their status as vital members of the engineering team.

Constitution OF ASCET

Uniform guidelines adopted by the board of directors by which both the National organization and each chapter must operate. [ Read More ]


Various committees have been established in order to guide ASCET into the future. The duties of each committee were defined by the president at the time they were established. These duties can be refined from time to time as the need arises. [Read More]


The Engineering Technician’s and Technologist’s role as professionals will uphold and advance honor and dignity among fellow members of the profession. [ Read More ]

Executive Committee (EXCOMM)

The Society is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of seven region vice-presidents, President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Chairman of the Board. [ Read More ]


The Board of Directors, commonly called "the Board", consists of the Chairman of the Board, the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, all Regional Vice Presidents and all National Directors. [ Read More ]

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